changing the world through music

What makes We Are One a very special song is both the message and the messengers. The recording has more than 750 recording artists from all genres singing together about unity and lifting each other up. In our live concert events we are bringing choirs and singers together to rehearse and perform together in a unique setting.  This is a time of unity and a rare time to put away the notions of "cross town rivalries' and other mindsets and stand side by side with other talented people who share the goal of sharing and proclaiming unity.

There are opportunities for some of the selected choirs to be featured in the concert as well as a time for all choirs to come together and sing the song in the finale for a once in a lifetime experience. Some of the National Recording Artists in the concert will feature choirs in their numbers in the concert

(For your choir to participate, you can apply with our Choirs Manager April Diamond via email )

Sing With Us

The finale of the concert is performed by National Recording Artists singing and performing along with a giant choir, made up of all the choirs participating in the event. The choirs can download, print and learn the music from the link above. It's easy to learn and there are opportunities for soloists within the group to audition and join in on single lines of the song, as it is done on the original recording.

April Diamond will coordinate with the Choir Directors from each group to schedule, answer questions and oversee all logistical issues to bring the groups and singers together.

Selected CHOIRS will have a chance to be features in a special number relating to unity, peace, sharing love and other themes that are non offensive, uplifting and musically appropriate.

We will be professionally taping all concerts and some rehearsals together to air on TV as specials to further document this historic event as well as to present the message to an International audience.

The Music