changing the world through music

David Longoria

David is a recording Artist and Music Producer. His work has contributed to many worldwide awards including Grammys, Latin Grammys, HMMAs and more.  He has actively brought music artists to kids at schools for more than 14 years with a message of encouragement and support to remind them to stay focused and strive to achieve. Now with the powerful message of We Are One, he is leading our team to bring about real change in the minds and spirits of a young generation across America. Because of this, David and the team believe the message of hope and unity is being delivered now where it is so needed.  

Our Advisory Board

Tess Cacciatore

Tess is the founder and CEO of GWEN (Global Women's Empowerment Network. This is a multi platform network providing entertainment and educational content through online and physical distribution of films, series, books and music. Throughout her career she has participated in many charities and projects to help causes including women, children, global and domestic. She is involved in initiatives with The United Nations as well as We Are One Concerts.

Diana Kelly

Diana has enjoyed a successful career as an entertainment publicist and connector sing 1985. She has worked closely with top movie, television and music executives and companies to help get projects made. She has been instrumental in bringing together many people who share the goal of lifting and educating a generation of young people with the powerful message of We Are One. 

Michael Lesnick

Michael brings a wealth of experience in business and hands on work in business and charity. A successful veteran of the healthcare industry he has been influential in cause driven work since his days with john Denver's foundation. Michael  has supported our efforts in live performances on the East coast as well as in the studio and in planning for upcoming tours.

Laura Angeini

Laura has been a professional singer and vocal teacher for many years. Her efforts in programs for the Orange County School District have touched the lives of hundreds with music. She has been actively involved in live and recorded performances of We Are One in Washington DC and New York.